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Zoe Pea & Junior

  • Industrial
  • Ambient
Artist — Track Name

B-66 Destroyer - Untitled 02 (Unreleased)
Luis Delgado - Las Reflexiones Del Califa
Felinto - Concreta
Anne Clark - The Spinning Turning Of The Summer Earth
White Magic Cult - Triangulo del Silencio
Kristallo - Aleatorio
Downstairs People - Some Music
Tassilo Vanofen - Aranda Traditions
Nichoslav Nakhall ft. Mika Amsterdam - How Are Things In The Tropics
wAgAwAgA - Chnamx
Indigenous Resistance - Iwa Pele
Moon - More Than The Physical ft. Sticky Dub
Tamburi Neri & Hiroko - Barritono
Yao Bobby & Simon - Diamonds (Dhangsha Remix)
Torom - RTN
Little Annie - Everything & More
Surprize - In Movimento
Lebanon Hanover - Hallowdance
Kashual Plastik - Boom Bound Paralysis

Dead Ratty w/ Zoe Pea

Ode to a dead ratty every month with selections from Leeds-based Zoe Pea and guests

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