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Wisdom Teeth w/ Facta

  • Bass
  • Downtempo
  • Drum & Bass
  • House
  • Techno
Artist — Track Name

Facta - Untitled demo 2018 (file lost)
K-LONE - Palmas
Roman Flügel - Brasil
DJ Plead - Massari and Me
Schlachthofbronx - Killer ft Warrior Queen
Keplrr - DTRK
Glances - Stay There
Batu and Lurka - Curved
DBX - Flying Saucer
Two Shell - Moon Dog
Cain - Eshu
October and Borai - Swipe Left (Bash and T Remix)
Klein Zage - Tip Me Baby One More Time (Facta Re-Tip)
Barker - Utility
Woo - First Flight Nerves
CS + Kreme - The Whale's Tail
Klein Zage - I’m Almost Certain That I’m Here
DJ Python - ??
Mor Elian - Shoshana's Roses
The Art of Noise - Something Always Happens (Doc Scott Remix)

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth is a record label run by Facta and K-LONE. Playing eclectic tumpers.

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