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Warp Speed Chug

  • Chug
  • Italo
  • Hip-Hop
  • Leftfield Disco
  • Electro
Artist — Track Name

Lemonade Market - Supermarket Woman
Cypress Hill - Throw Yourself in The Air (Edit)
Cottam02 - Side B
Underground Resistance - Find Your Friends
Trickfinger - Exclam
Each Other - Six Weeks
Son & Stepson - Stick
Fockewulf 190 - Gitano
Abel - Another Cigaratte (Abel Edit)
Clio - Spaces
Three Of A Kind - Babycakes
DJ Call Me - Marry Me
The Viper - Ten Spots (Senor Chugger Edit)
Rudolphe Burger - Eisbar

Warp Speed Chug

Warp Speed Chug is a monthly show hosted by Dom Varndell, Ben Cowper (Señor Chugger & Count van Delicious) and Rory Fisher. Together the trio have honed a taste for Italo, EBM & all things chuggy over the last few years that is showcased in this program.

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