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Artist / Track Name

TR13E - Vibes From The TR13E Intro
Juliana Barwick & Rafael Anton Irissari - Untitled (B1) [TR13E BLM Adjustment]
Eva Keyes & Dan Tapiras - In A Crisis [TR13E Dub Disco Mix]
Fysah & The Get Down Underground - Impeach The President (Dub)
Boof - Return of Gerberdaisy
Catherine - Walking on the Starshine
Pantha Du Prince - Behind The Stars
Lime Swensen - Space is Lonely
YUNG SKWIDWARD - Aliens in Uneasy Skies
Ian Moss with Space Museum - An Alien Report
Eartheater - Sigourney
Space Afrika - Oh Baby/Craze
Scanner - Flyjazz
Biosphere - Triple Time
Motohiko Hamase - Imagery
Scanner - 915.675 [TR13E Adjustment]
Stinky Picnic - Hamster Haircut 3
Prefuse 73 - Death By Barber pt.1 (Haircut Zero)
Igor Krutogolov's Toy Orchestra - Roots Bloody Roots
Slimequeen - Hairspray
Haircuts For Men - それだけではない私でした
ミスト M Y S T -- - Hairsprayヘアスプレー
Tape Dispenser - Beautiful Hair
Strategy - Tropical Storm
Foul Play - Ragatere
Benjamin Milz - Die Orakel 0014 Series 2 B
96 Back - In The Trunk, Belting Down The Highway
Rider Shafique, Ishan Sound & Kahn - When Shall We Rise
Rider Shafique, Ishan Sound & Kahn - When Shall We Dub (Excerpt)


Hosted by electronic music journalist and author Matt Anniss (Join The Future, DJ Magazine, Resident Advisor), with regular mini-mixes from Legendary Tone, Vibes From The TR13E is a monthly musical missive that tends towards the horizontal, eccentric and other-worldly. Combining great new sounds from across the musical spectrum with slept-on gems, dusty-fingered crate digging finds, homemade field recordings and unlikely spoken word samples, Anniss and other members of the TR13E collective deliver an eclectic and surprising sound soup inspired by the early days of the ambient house and chill-out movement.

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