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Vibes From The TR13E

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Artist — Track Name

Artist Track Name
TR13E - Vibes From The TR13E Intro
TR13E - Debate Dub (Spoken Word)
Tuff Little Unit - Blow Up The System
Craven Faults - Poddergang (Don't DJ Rework)
Jonny 5 - Stardriver
Daisy Moon - Chamber
Tranquility Bass - Mya Yadana
Triola - Adren
Joe Hisaishi - Islander
Dubsahara - Cairena
A Winged Victory for the Sullen - The Undivided Five
Kokoroko - Ti-De
Zamm - Aum
Argonort - Onanism
Boards of Canada - Orange Romeda
Spacer - Endlessspacejam
Etienne de la Sayette - Post Card
USG Presents African Blues - Inside Your Mind
Leo Anibaldi - Orion
Niall - Cassiopeia
The Grid - Floatation (Special Request Offworld Remix)


Hosted by electronic music journalist and author Matt Anniss (Join The Future, DJ Magazine, Resident Advisor), with regular mini-mixes from Legendary Tone, Vibes From The TR13E is a monthly musical missive that tends towards the horizontal, eccentric and other-worldly. Combining great new sounds from across the musical spectrum with slept-on gems, dusty-fingered crate digging finds, homemade field recordings and unlikely spoken word samples, Anniss and other members of the TR13E collective deliver an eclectic and surprising sound soup inspired by the early days of the ambient house and chill-out movement.

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