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Unknown Sense w/ Maja Pa

  • Experimental
  • Industrial
  • Leftfield Techno
  • Ambient

Embracing the energy of the new moon I invited my dear friend Maja Pa to take over this month's show of Unknown Sense.

Artist — Track Name

Moor Mother, Nicole Mitchell - Up Out Of The Ugly
O Yuki Conjugate - Out Through The Skin
Vlad Dobrovolski - Opus 3, May Voices
Biosphere - Poa Alpina
Romeo Poirier - Thalassocratie
A Gethsemani - Cheree
Chikiss - Vniz
Black Merlin - Sub Conscious
Calsutmoran - Poisonous Linguistics
G. H. - Devils Bit Scabious
M. Nomized - Deep Sleep
Jon Hassel - Timeless
Polidrico - La Partida
Geoid Color Circle - Grrrgrouagrouagrrr
Nikolaienko - Jazz Tape
Sabaturin - Razheta
Paramount - Screen Frames
Ancestral Voices - Mangal
Manoir Molle - Confusing Wind

Unknown Sense

Sofia delves into the depths of her recent music discoveries for an hour of unexpected sounds inspired by the current lunar cycle.

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