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Tired Eyes

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Artist — Track Name

Artist / Title
Tired Eyes - Unreleased
knownshaz - raspberry waves
Jabbu - Sand On Mercury
goodfood - Those Things'll Kill Ya
L One - unmute instrumental ft Packed Rich
Rah Zen - brain waves
mantrablu - personal finessing
Lapalux - Flower
Thriftworks - Die Gracefully (feat. DH the Mythicalifornian)
Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe - Wanju
Sweatson Klank Remix - Home instrumental
Tired Eyes - Unreleased ft Prizm Wizard
Vienna - Snow
Heen - Turbo Wonf
photran - flurries w/ ultmt
Muta - keep on
Dimlite - Feedback Children
Clap Clap feat. Martha Daro - Moving On
LuneArbor - Caves
wisemind - See You In My Dreams

Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes, is a Bristol based producer/DJ hailing from Southampton. His productions rooted in Experimental Hip Hop draw influence from Jazz, pysc rock, Soul and Leftfield Bass. Expect an exploration into all things beat culture and experimental electronic music.

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