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Tired Eyes

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Artist — Track Name

Tired Eyes - Glossamer (Unreleased)
EverybodysHomie - u still here!
Monte Booker - Flight
Custodian - toothbrush
Finem - stabilo
Modii - n-ckbrck [inner ocean records]
Looms - i just want to be there [justgoodbeats]
Kutsu ft Tired Eyes - vertigo
Friendkerrek - Credits
Wrex Mason - water 2
Quickly Quickly - Quickly Quickly - lying fotus [Lucid Monday]
Tired Eyes - Accidental Edible wip (Unreleased)
Ericbeatz ft Walla c - Hipotetic
Werkha - Swing Thru
Fr1th - Helix
Spellwrks - whutever
Devonwho - nonsense
Sleepless - Frankly
Hubert Daviz ft Anthony Drawn - Midnight City Breeze
Karu (feat. DayKoda) - Zaliwa [beat machine records]
Sweatson Klank - More Time
Q The Music - Atmos
Stuckinwaveforms - Gardens
Spiky - parallel lines
10.4 ROG ft. Everybodys Homie - Free
Yespho - I AM NOT GOOD!
Tapeside - USPS

Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes, is a Bristol based producer/DJ hailing from Southampton. His productions rooted in Experimental Hip Hop draw influence from Jazz, pysc rock, Soul and Leftfield Bass. Expect an exploration into all things beat culture and experimental electronic music.

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