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The Rye Wax Show w/ Cathy Flynn

  • House
  • Drum & Bass
  • Jungle
  • Celtic
Artist — Track Name

Lighght - Orinocco Flowdan
Nihilist - Lui na Greine
Odd Ned - Polypropylene
Henry Earnest Stand
Naphta Cat And Mouse
Yurtis Mayfield - Silver Hand
Mama Matrix Most Mystical - Invoke St Anne
Moving Still & Minos - 3eeb
Bumble - West In Motion (Had Mix)
Gemma Dunleavy Return (DJ Selky remix)
FRAQ - N Yasss
Missy Elliot - The Rain (Gully Doctor rework)
Reetabix - Baller Bounce
Beta 2 - Sweet As
Julia Louise Knifefist - 909
Enya - Orinocco Flow (the Roy of the Ravers Irish Royale Wedding Mix)

The Rye Wax Show

The Peckham based record store and nightclub presents a monthly show covering almost every genre imaginable, as different staffers take a turn at the decks presenting their own show. With well-renowned producers like Medlar, FYI Chris and Cabasa all working there alongside DJs like Rachael, Marcy and C Voyant of Souvenir, you can expect every member of this loose collective to dig deep through their own collections as well as the shop racks.

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