On Air

The People's Avant-Garde W/ Cagey Oil Driller

  • Bass
  • Beats
  • Club
  • Dark Ambient
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

Andrea Belfi - Spitting & Skytouching
Peder Mannerfelt - Lines Describing A Circle
Shiva Feshareki - Star At Dawn
Air Max ’97, LOFT - Xhrinicibles
Slikback - SONSHITSU
ZULI - Trigger Finger
Swan Meat, Yoshitaka Hikawa - Casual Surgical Slang
Y1640 - Weep
GILA - Tons
Madvillain - Meatgrinder (ONHELL remix)
Hiro Kone - Poortgebouw
Moody Good - Sleep Walk
Morgiana Hz - fybrís amplicon
Imaabs - Bilis Negra
Nazar Enclave
Jamie XX - Gosh

The People's Avant-Garde

The People's Avant-Garde is a monthly showcase of experimental club music from New Work City Records, a record label where four friends have come together to sharpen their art and grow the seeds of revolution

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