On Air

The People's Avant-Garde W/ Ani Klang

  • Bass
  • Experimental
  • Hardcore
  • Noise
  • Techno
Artist — Track Name

Omotopopo - Stara_staza
Michael O’Neill - The Situation (prod. Dizzcock)
obwigszyh - simulate
my sword - blur
Lvers - Boom Clap
Sami Baha - Other Me
Galtier - Mind Aggregate
Alley Catss - Broken Wheel of Time
AITCH - n/a
A7 MCR - T - Gib Ein Fick
Cuban Chamber of Commerce - Looking For You
DJ Reeshniada - Little Kisses
Machine Woman - Night With Diablo
KRXNX - Bifrost
Gabber Eleganza x The Panacea - Grande Raccordo Anulare
MCR-T - Is You Rollin
Mamboussa - Nen Ability (Jesza remix)
Bauernfeind - Kowloon City
kidwar - refactor
WOOdy - Butt

The People's Avant-Garde

The People's Avant-Garde is a monthly showcase of experimental club music from New Work City Records, a record label where four friends have come together to sharpen their art and grow the seeds of revolution

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