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The Grey Area

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Artist — Track Name

Isao Tomita - Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
FKA Twigs - How’s That
King Midas Sound - One Ting (Dabrye Remix)
Actress - Maze
Yuzo Koshiro - Dilapidated Town
Flying Lotus - Massage Situation
The Elysian Quartet - Gabriel Prokofiev String Quartet No. 2 (G. Prokofiev Non-House Remix)
Mariza Koch - T’Alonaki
Unknown - Unknown
Manos Papadakis - Ékana Láthos
Mimis Plessas - O Menoussis
Stavros Xarhakos - Walking in Athens
Nostrádamos - Ti Symvaini
The Olympians - Syngnómi
Fleury - Sagapo
Unknown - Unknown
Disco General - Parasantalos
Sun Araw - Beat Cop
Coims - Blues in F Sharp
Roberto Musci - Tamatave
Planetary Peace - Christ is Coming
Dive Reflex Service - Special Mechanism
Alsen Rau - Track 3
Silhouette Sect - Dream Within A Dream And Door Within A Door
Sunun - Pluckscape
Hellencia - Gold Bar
Dan Johnson - ΢ KÈÊ ‡ ËÎË
Run Logan Run - 33 Hours
Jakabol - Dungeons & Dungeons
Wenonoah - Hide

The Grey Area

The Grey Area, hosted by Siegfried Translator, is a bleary eyed stagger down the road less traveled. Music from around the world, paying special attention to the weird and unknown. Every month expect to hear ambient drones, spiritual Jazz, twisted guitars and electronic experiments alongside guest mixes & artist focuses.

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