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Tending the Void

  • Lo-Fi Hip-Hop
  • Contemporary Jazz
  • Boogie
  • Roots
  • Spiritual Jazz

Afrikan Sciences presents Favorite Echos Mix: Aptly titled the Rhythm Czar, Brooklyn's Eric Porter aka Afrikan Sciences likes to craft a marriage between various forms of music and sci-fi with an emphasis on freedom in tempos and meter. Look out for forthcoming Les Gracies (of which Eric is one half) LP on Tending The Void this year!

Artist — Track Name

Afrikan Sciences - Dormant insomnia
Horace Silver - Learning to be unselfish
Pursuit Grooves - Nourish
Shinehead - Billie Jean
James Brown - Coldblooded
The Flying Lizards - Sex Machine
Gary Bartz Ntu Troop - Rise
Dr Buzzard’s Savannah Band - Forever
Reden  o - Vzyadoq Moe
Ruben and The Jets(The Mother’s of Invention) - How can I be such a fool
Junie Morrison - Stick it in
Kebbi, Julie, Khali, & Them - Kink
Global Phlowtations - Quiet As kept
Whodini - Echo Scratch