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Super Eccentric Theatre w/ Remotif

  • Balearic
  • Leftfield House
  • Ambient
  • Chug
Artist — Track Name

Lions drums - Kagabas
Art Wilson - Rebecca's theme
Cass - Aiolios
Delestran - Sous les alizes
Army of lovers - My army of lovers
Nicola Cruz - Espiritu
Unkle - Do yourself some good
Zillas on acid - Don't you look at me that way
Remotif - Ladybird
Roccodisco - Sambaca
Museum of love - Marching orders
Lyckle de Jong - Trappenhuis

Remotif’s Super Eccentric Theatre

Step into the Super Eccentric Theatre, a warm place, a weird place - a good place!! Front row seats? In the box? Stalls? Wherever you sit, you won’t sit - you’ll dance! Remotif brings you synthpop oddities, leftfield house, and balaeric phantasmagoria from across the world.

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