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Super Eccentric Theatre w/ Remotif

  • Balearic
  • Breakbeat
  • Ambient
  • House
Artist — Track Name

Johnny Nash & Tomu Permana - Bumi
The Zenmen - Hommage to a Friendship
Umeko Ando - Atuy so Kata
Michal Turtle + Suso Sai - Missing Papotl
AK-ONE - SkyGazer
Andres Y Xavi & Rob Mc Ginty - Walking in the Sun
Jura Soundsytem - Carafe Denim
Sedibus & the Orb - Toi 1338b (Edit )
Fantstic Man - Forbidden Fiction
Cosmic G & Laars - Trancia Moralez
Mainline Magic Orchestra - Zumba Zumba
Adult Fiction - Love Without Words (Italian Mix)

Remotif’s Super Eccentric Theatre

Step into the Super Eccentric Theatre, a warm place, a weird place - a good place!! Front row seats? In the box? Stalls? Wherever you sit, you won’t sit - you’ll dance! Remotif brings you synthpop oddities, leftfield house, and balaeric phantasmagoria from across the world.

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