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Renunciation of the Self w/ Lucas Alvarado

  • Ambient
  • Cosmic
  • Drone
  • Field Recordings
  • Minimal
Artist — Track Name

Jakob Kirkegaard - Soaked
Laurel Halo - Lead
Mitchell Akiyama - Try to conceal
Los Demás - Salientes
Philip Jeck - The all of water
iTAL tEK - Outland
Tuomo Vaananen - Risk Tones
cisfinitum - Room moon
Gallerie Schalschutz - Extremely Low Frequency
Oneothrix Point Never - Physical Memory
Lucas Alvarado - Untitled
Scanner - The Loss Of The Prixie Cell
Blade Runner Soundtrack - Morning At The Bradbury
Grzegorz Bojanek - Brain Rain
Swartsinn - Untitled
Georgian Sacred Music (Anon) - O Holy God
solo andata - A commissure
Rainer Hillmann - Call of my Heart
Chihei Hatakeyama - Sad Ocean

Renunciation of the Self W/ Lucas Alvardo

Lucas Alvarado will immerse into his inner God by trance to bring to this world an experimental Dj set through experimental electronic music, field recordings, contemporary and post-music.

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