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Pellizcadas w/ Shakiro Nil

  • Ambient
  • Bass
  • Club
  • Noise
Artist — Track Name

Don Juancho Villa - Viento de la noche (Unreleased)
boqboq - 45 (Unreleased)
ça et - Actions (Unreleased)
Guillaume Pelletier Auger - De même5 (Unreleased)
Puncti ft Yonnika Vernon - Runaway (Unreleased)
Rosa Gestalt - Virginia (Unreleased)
IMPVLSO - Lluvia (Unreleased)
Yecto - Caléndula (Unreleased)
Mucho Sueño & Aurelius - Aegis (Unreleased)
Turning Torso - Oriol (Unreleased)
We Get Signal - (0,0,0) (COSMORAMA Ep 2020)
ZUBPL - Humanities Hope (Unreleased)
Tristan Arp - ????
Mya Gomez - Tenderhead (Unreleased)
Suminagashi - Cosmic Lullaby  (Unreleased)
Tristan Arp - cellular (unreleased)
La Edad Del Sol - Ambiente Melancolico
Nueve Vidas - Nos quieren muertxs


Hispanoamerica is an endless source of sounds, rhythms and topics due to its diversity of subcultures united by language. Based in Mexico, Kellie Cleland explores latin/hispanoamerican underground and popular music, from new electronics to traditional sounds, plus the myths and intricacies that make up the latin american identity

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