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Ollie Kirk w/ DJ Mathematics

  • Techno
  • Tech House
  • House
  • Acid
  • Electro
Artist — Track Name

Amandra - Sarape
E00 - Biosphere
Sam Goku - Momentum
A Psychic Yes - Lost in The Act (Hodge remix)
LOIF - Quarantek
Primitive Needs - Night Rider
Solar Suite - Field Of View
Remotif - Gondwana At Noon (Molly's Remix)
SEO JOHN - Dimension Walking (Bliss Inc Remix)
Adam Pits - Solar Wave
Youandewan - Cola Beach
Phocean Drive - Smile (Forthcoming STFM)
Sleep D - Green Pond
SEO JOHN - Dimension Walking
Liluzu Scale Libra (Sentiments I Love You Mix)
Furious Frank - Existential Crisis
Lisene - Mind Palace
Rudolf C - Wanderer
Adam Pits - Variation 3
Ali Berger - Bonus Beats
Furious Frank - Trip 2 Fantasy
Adam Pits - Motion Sensor (Roza Terenzi Remix)
R.Kitt - Machine Damhsa
Mike Parker - Resonator One
E-Talking - Terminate
Oprofessionell - Elektrisk
Maara - Ultimate Reward
Kasper Marott - Sol
Remotif - Gondwana At Noond (Jeigo's Remix)

Ollie Kirk

Bristol via Leicester, Ollie Kirk is one of the brains behind record label and collective Grade 10. For a 2-hour late-night excursion every month expect Techno, Electro, Trance, Jungle and anything in between. Stay locked.

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