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Olivia w/ Poly Chain

  • Experimental
  • Electronica
  • Electro
  • IDM
  • Future

My guest for the July show will be Poly Chain, an Ukrainian composer, dj, curator and graphic designer. I met Sasha Zakrevska when she lived and performed in Poland. Since then she has released a few great records and it's a pleasure to observe her musical path. First 30 min by Poly Chain, followed by me. Be ready for some Experimental, Electronica, Electro, IDM, Future.

Artist — Track Name

S-Z-2 - Untitled B1
Bambounou x Bruce - Final Conference
Flaty - Self Assembled
Pessimist - Empty words
Bodro - Fukacha
Hexagon - Isotope
Poly Chain - Cloud Animal
Johan Inkinen - Alley Cruise
Laksa - Bane
Zuli - Penicillin Duck
A Sagittariun - Lazer Battle at the O.K. Corral
Tutti Harp - Patch # 2
Lake Haze - Deleted Couscious
Upsammy - Subsoil
Lavie - Swansong
Seven Orbits - Mantis (Zaliva - Remix)


Olivia is open to any sound. Her broad interest in music sees her exploring various genres. Each show is devoted to a different one. From time to time, Olivia will invite friends for joint sound exploration.

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