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Olivia w/ Kristiina Männikkö

  • EBM
  • Experimental
  • New Wave
  • Italo
  • Dark-Wave

I met Kristiina in Helsinki at club Kaiku where we played together. I remember that night, I was impressed by her set, full of good energy and great tracks. I really like her set so it was just a matter of time when she will be my guest at Noods Radio.

This set proved how good Dj she is, I hope you loved it too. Inside some wicked EBM, dark Italo, electro and more.

Artist — Track Name

Sepehr - Narcotica
Moisk - Paupio Genome
Newclear Waves - Fighting for Favor
Fringe Society - Enigma
The Populists - Air Rance
Oorsprong Park - Enforced Visions
Das Ding - Agency
Foil - Environnement
Schwefelgelb - Die Dünne Hand
Arvin Fajar - Edit 015
Soft Crash - Haute Surveillance
Errortica - Master Slave (Anatolian Weapons Acid Club Remix)
Modern Ruin - No Place
C. Coiffure - Ninefold Symmetry
Exhausted Modern - Food of the Gods


Olivia is open to any sound. Her broad interest in music sees her exploring various genres. Each show is devoted to a different one. From time to time, Olivia will invite friends for joint sound exploration.

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