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Olivia w/ Elena Sizova

  • Experimental
  • Industrial
  • Avant-Garde
  • Dark Ambient

For this show my guest is Elena Sizova. The Belarus based DJ and producer is probably best known for collaboration with Heinrich Mueller for a conceptual Der Zyklus minialbum on Wémè Records as well as meticulously crafted mixes and her educated taste, weaving together old and new, rare and obscure electro and techno.
First 30 min - Olivia mix, second 30 min - Elena Sizova.

Artist — Track Name

Lutto Lento - Skarby Sezamu (with Adam Reoucha)
Jun Suzuki - CSO 384 400
Kӣr - Mandra
Marta De Pascalis - Dust Pavillions
OKO DJ - The Witch
Tagliabue - Ipnotica
Dona feat. Aloth - Mindscapes
Misonica - Tormenti (Live)
BOB BELLERUE - Full Armor Of God
BENZOKAI - You’re Metaphysically wrong (feat. Ratkiller)
IAN MARTIN - Cry Of Sorrento
XOSAR - Stick It In His Eye
ITZEL - Roomd
IAN MARTIN - B1 Untitled
SNOW BONE - Hemolymph
LARRY CARLSON - Weird Fingers
GROUP - 160319_0785


Olivia is open to any sound. Her broad interest in music sees her exploring various genres. Each show is devoted to a different one. From time to time, Olivia will invite friends for joint sound exploration.

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