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Ngolo Ngolo Disco w/ Jonny Mintaka

  • Soukous
  • Afrobeat
  • Highlife
Artist — Track Name

Manfred Ebanda - Margot
Pierre de Moussy - Diba
Ndedy Dibango - Ituedi
Prince Eyango - Les Problems
Tala A.M - Aribica
Pateur Lappe - More Sekele Movement
Jo Tongo - Piani
Jeannette N'daiye - Makom Ma Bobe
Orchestre National - Migilbawe
Mbarga Soukouss - Essamba
Gibraltar Drakus - Exode Rural

Ngolo Ngolo Disco w/ Jonny Mintaka

Ngolo ngolo (Cameroonian moonshine) fuels floodlit, mosquito ridden, red dusted discos of the Baka Pygmies. Vinyl cuts, usb, tape & field recordings from Jonny Mintaka’s travels in West Africa and beyond.

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