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Mondo Erotico

  • Jazz
  • Soundtrack
  • Italo
Artist — Track Name

Piero Piccioni - The Tenth Victim
72 Hours Post Flight - UV Intro
Luigi Malatesta, Franco Bixio,Sandro Brugnolini - Afro Free
Roy Budd - The Thief
Beastie Boys - Sabrosa
Puccio Roelens - Conversation in Three
Toto' Torquati - Tenero al Cioccolato
Sheba - Jungle Fever
Rita - Love
Alex Puddu - Kinky Hairdresser
Manuel De Sica Poisonous Claws
Don Lurio & Dancers - Showdance
go Pepep Super Gruppo Brasil - Aria di Festa a Bahia
Uscita Ovest - Funky in Town
Dal - Fontanel
Opa - Pieces
Piero Umiliani - Tropical River

Mondo Erotico

Mondo Erotico is an investigation of erotic and exotic cinematic sounds, blending Euro Jazz and Funk, Library experiments, Afro and Mediterranean impressions in sound, and seductive Italo Disco. With the use of B-movie samples and insights into design and architecture contributing to the cinematic narration, Mondo Erotico lays decadent dancefloor grooves and erotic aperitif vibes.

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