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Misumi Beach Selections w/ Matthias Fiedler

  • Funk
  • Italo
  • Jazz
  • House
Artist — Track Name

Martin Hayes - Kantorka Space Babe
Ryuta_Muramatsu - Select Of Pattern
Real J. - Cool Lester Smooth
Madlib - Road Of The Lonely Ones
Cody Currie & Eliza Rose - Moves (House Mix)
Soul Clap feat. Life On Planets - Gardening
Shuray & Walle - Rare
Mandee & Central - If I Feel Like It
Felipe Gordon & Cody Currie - Better Days
Jus Jam - 90s Anxiety
Last Nubian feat. Sweet Fruity Brunch - Brown Be My Caller
Sansó - Cruisin
Viewtiful Joe - Wiped Out
Amadeezy - This Deezay
DJ Swagger - Where You Come From
Rhode & Brown - L.O.V.E. (Edit)
Jet Set - Love Break
Λουκάς Θάνος - Jazzburger

Misumi Beach Selections w/ Matthias Fiedler

For Misumi Beach Selections, every month Matthias Fiedler digs through the sleaziest music between funk, pop, hip hop, disco and house

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