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2h of EBM. Goth season never ends.

Artist — Track Name

Chuzo - Hidro Masacro
P.A.L. - Bewegung
Narcissist Holocaust - I Love You But I've Chosen Dankness
NOTAUSGANG - This is Where We Live In
Further Reductions - Another Stranger
Jann - Al Batard
JANN - Murder People
Rudiment - Living on Stage FT. Negative Datura
Randolph & Mortimer - Body (Unconscious 'New Cyber Beat' Remix)
Terence Fixmer x Phase Fatale - Cigarette Glow
Helena Hauff - Sea Shore Acid
Alessandro Adriani - One Minute (After Death)
Retrograde Youth - Swimming Into A Big Sea Of Fake Emotions
TYVYT|IYTYI - Crashing
Amato y Mariana - Quieres Bailar
Lostsoundbytes - Bits and Bobs
DJ Nephil - White Dwarf
Israel Vines - Rage Afterever (Further Reductions mix)
Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais - Nothing Happened
Nehuen - Personal Conflict
Identified Patient - Vermoedens Van Achterdocht
Das Ding - Slash
Boy Harsher - Motion
AMNFX - Forget
E.L.I. - Because You're Worthless
Comets - Remember The Future
Broken English Club - Breaking the Flesh
LVRIN - The Unseen
THE MOVING PICTURES - Everything for Baby


Transmitting at midnight from Tokyo first Wednesday every month. Feautring local artists, DJ's and vibes.

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