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Instant Yum! w/ k means, FUMU & Bokeh Edwards

  • Dancehall
  • Experimental
  • Industrial
  • Jungle
  • Noise
Artist — Track Name

Mark Barott - Baby Come Home
Disasterpiece - Pressure
Balou - Never Level
Jonquera - Escroc Voice in My Head
Quest?onmarc - Ephemera
Advanced Audio Research - Europa
Traid God - So Pray La
Lil Jabba - Cave Painting
Bastiengoat - Gen49
Mars89 - Facehugger
Nobuo - Conde Petite
SFX Acid - Always (LA Hardrew Mix)
Logtoad - Screw Pump

Bokeh Edwards / Guest Slot

Deli Girls - I don't Know How to Be Happy
AMET - You Had Me
Distant - Hidden (Delectro Remix)
DJ これからの緊急災害 - Memory Replace
Dis Fig - U Said U Were
P.A.L. - Workout
Rammellzee - Pogo
MCA & Burzootie - Drum machine
Anthem - Them
Rey Giles - Style & Edit
Pouppée Fabrikk - Shiftshaper

Fumu / Guest Slot

In Aeternam Vale - Twist Again
Kevin & Lerky - Everything (Instrumental)
Cash Mafia - Issey Miyake
FUMU - untitled
FUMU - Karling
FUMU - untitled
FUMU - untitled
FUMU - untitled
La Fe - El Saco
Soundspecies - Egrem Beta Jam (Hello Skinny Remix)
Taso x Siete Catorce - Aceite
Mikes Mao Mashup - Mikes Mao Mashup
Kim Gordon - Sketch Artist
Zonal - System Error
Clara! y Maopa - Baja y Surda

Instant Yum! w/ K Means

Do you prefer savoury or sweet? Nutritious bites or delectable delights? Join K Means every other month as she serves you up a full spread of leftfield bass. Satisfying your cravings for uptempo umami and best consumed with a side of MSG. Expect a pick & mix of footwork, jungle, experimental and anything else she gets her hands on... it's a no bullshit, pro additives affair.

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