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Howl W/ Muqata'a

  • Bass
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

SHINS-K - Unreleased
Irreversible Entanglements - The Code Noir / Amina
FYV - Kees Nylon
KUTMAH - Pink Moon
tor5y - unreleased
Manja Ristic - Moon Tower
Abul3ees - Hadouken
El Kontessa - Ganzbel
KUTMAH - Unreleased - unreleased
Dakn - Unreleased - unreleased
Muqata’a - Jerusalem Lives exhibition (The Palestinian Museum)
Muqata’a - Taqdirahu Anta
Muqata’a - unreleased
Onsy - unreleased
Muqata’a - unreleased
Prophetas - Remember & Forget
Hiro Kone - Shatter The Gangue Of Piety
Karkhana - Containment


Fed up with the conventional sounds, prejudices & hype-fueled sonic fanaticism of today's music, howl seeks harmony in seemingly contrasting musical ideas; takes her listeners on a dark, dynamic and densely layered aural journey with her DJ sets, meticulously crafted with a selection unbound by genre, tempo, gender, or whatsoever.

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