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Howl w/ Abdallah Dabbas

  • Bass
  • Club
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

Hyph11E - Erosion
Product Toss - Skinned
Object Blue - exorcism of a self help book
Fatshaudi - 深く壊して
Postdrone - Dawsha FM (feat. Post Tawheed)
Fatshaudi - Last Kiss
Setwun - Time
SPLT - G6x6
Hyph11E - Accretion
Robin stewart - Lactic Acid
Simo cell - Short Leg
Fareed - Process RPZ
Adel poursamadi & Tegh - Atf عطف
Keplrr - Convection
Tape Feed - Splinters
Fever 103 - I hope you die a painful death
Postdrone - Amal


Fed up with the conventional sounds, prejudices & hype-fueled sonic fanaticism of today's music, howl seeks harmony in seemingly contrasting musical ideas; takes her listeners on a dark, dynamic and densely layered aural journey with her DJ sets, meticulously crafted with a selection unbound by genre, tempo, gender, or whatsoever.

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