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Hellfire Video Club

  • Psychedelic
  • Cosmic
  • Funk
  • Synth Pop
  • Soundtrack
Artist — Track Name

Mike Vickers - Retribution
Seven Below Zero Band - 7 We Are
Bobby Beausoleil - Lucifer Rising
Lew Howard All Stars - Hula Rock
Ballplayers - American Worker
Lords of Percussion - The Kung Fu
Nino Nardini - Afro Beat
Alfonso Santisteban - Torremolinos Soul
Bulent Ortacgil - Sen Varsin
Art Interface - Secretaries From Heaven
Batang Frisco - Power
Blackway - New Life
Sergio Ferraesi - Voice Space
Kosmos - Tetphc (Tetris)
Kraftwerk - Kohoutek - Kometenmelodie
Five Times of Dust - I Want Straight Sex
Anna - Systems Breaking Down
Drexciya - Dehydration
Tom Ware - Take Time to Hurry
K. Leimer - All Sad Days
OMD - I Betray My Friends
Clive Oxford - Fading Star
Bo Hansson - The Black Riders
Gate Way - Sunshine in my Heart
The Trifids - Brainbroom
Howell / Ferdinando - Dance of the Talking Flowers
Legendary Pink Dots - Close Your Eyes, You Can Be A Space Captain
Kehrschlieffe - Jizz Roboten
Flatliners - Nebula II
Steve Bent - I'm Going to Spain

Hellfire Video Club

Hellfire Video Club is a monthly film night at The Cube Microplex in Bristol - an alternative to the bullshit Multiplex culture of safe remakes, endless sequels and "psychological thrillers". They screen thematic double bills of top-grade vintage psychotropic cinema: cult/psychedelic/world-wide-weirdness etc.... For their Noods show HFVC DJs are digging deep in their collections to play (usually) thematic sets of wigged-out Hellfire favourites, all from OG vinyl.

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