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Hellfire Video Club

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Artist — Track Name

TDS MOB - what's this world coming to
TAKING YOUR BUSINESS - show em how it's done
POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS - time to say peace (remix)
CHOICE MC - get it (tony d mix)
THE ELITE - Nympho-klepto
JUST ICE - going way back
DIMPLES D - marley marl's sucker dub
FRICK AND FRACK - you shouldn't have done it
DJ DANNY DAN & THE FEMALE DREAM - the beat to get hype
ANTOINETTE - I got an attitude
QUEEN LATIFAH - Dance 4 me
PRINCE LOVER DALU - all praise
FATHER MC - father mc going ill
UPTOWN - dope on plastic
B.A.D REP - nothing can stop us now
THREE TIMES DOPE - original stylin
UNIQUE - Axe-maniac
GANGSTARR - who's gonna take the weight
KID CAPRI - joke's on you jack (remix)
SCARFACE - I'm dead
GREYSON & JAYSUN - get bizzy
ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S - give the drummer some
KMD - subroc's mission
MC MELLO - bizzie rhymin
DEMON BOYZ - rougher than an animal
CAVEMAN - I'm ready
FIFTH PLATOON - (halleluljah) the fifth is here
MAESTRO FRESH WES - on the jazz tip
LORD ISHAWN & THE BRONX OUTLAWS - the kid's got it going on
CRAIG G - dopest duo
FRESHCO & MIZ - now ya know

Hellfire Video Club

Hellfire Video Club is a monthly film night at The Cube Microplex in Bristol - an alternative to the bullshit Multiplex culture of safe remakes, endless sequels and "psychological thrillers". They screen thematic double bills of top-grade vintage psychotropic cinema: cult/psychedelic/world-wide-weirdness etc.... For their Noods show HFVC DJs are digging deep in their collections to play (usually) thematic sets of wigged-out Hellfire favourites, all from OG vinyl.

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