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Generation Lost w/ Silhouette

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  • Dub Techno
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Artist — Track Name

Artist / Track Name

Täino & Vanilla Dinosaurs - Untitled 3
Exhausted Modern - Seagulls in a Harbour
Silhouette & Lyra - Mission to Kepler-186f
Silhouette - Extraterrestrial Life Forms (Oliver Torr Remix)
Vision of 1994 - Drowning (Universe of Everything Remix)
Citty - Untitled 1
Nathan Solo - Loudness Meditator (Silhouette's Endless Afterhours Mix)
Alfred Czital - Liquid Drums
Tekstrue - Superacido (Silhouette Remix)
Citty - Untitled 2
Makkatu - Argument
Pluge - Cream
Elektrabel - Rozendej
Silhouette & Elektrabel - No Sunlight for Days
Dovinik - Halvoy (Silhouette's Dawn Light Mix)

Generation Lost

Catch Linda Zombiena every month selecting tracks from a variety of genres based on a different theme each show. Every second month she'll be also chatting to local guests in a not-too-serious-conversation about various topics, current or controversial events.

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