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Dyslexia Sound System w/ Autumns

  • Post-Punk
  • Dub
  • Krautrock
  • Ambient
  • Electronica

Autumns plays a mix of the usual suspects.

Artist — Track Name

Adult Fantasies - Under A Steelplate Sky
Beak> - Wulfstan II
EXEK - The Plot
Pablo's Eye - Amb 7
Leslie Winer - Flove
NEU! - Für immer
YL Hooi - Prince S Version
Kyoko Koizumi - Eastern Jungle
James Massiah - 144,000

Dyslexia Sound System w/ DJ Autumns

Autumns dives into a selection of his favourite Post-Punk, Dub, and Wave tracks, as well as sharing DSS with a few guests.

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