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Double-Bind: Ecosystems w/ No Bindings

  • Ambient
  • Spiritual Jazz
  • Field Recordings
  • Modern Classical
  • Jazz Fusion
Artist — Track Name

Kaki King - Sanitzed, Alone
Zara Mcfalane - Everything Is Connected
Masayoshi Fujita - Fabric
iZem, Fehdah - Sadeo
Tommy Guerrero - Sun Rays Like Stilts
Todd Baker - Gamelan Rain Melody
Camel - Migration
Fabiano Do Nascimento - Stalagmites
Manu Delago - Alpine Brook
Alabaster De Plume - They Put The Stars Far Away
Philip Glass, Third Coast Percussion - Aguas da Amazonia: No.1, Madeira River
Majid Bekkas, Goran Kajfes, Jesper Nordenstrom, Stefan Pasborg - Annabi
Pecq and Orchestra of St Johns - Reaching Water
Fourtet - Green
Dirty Projectors, Bjork - On and Ever Onwards


Double-Bind presents a 60 minute journey of sound, music and ideas centred on universal themes. Each edition explores a different topic, seeking to shed new sound and light, through a diverse blend of genres, perspectives and human-centred experiences.

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