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Death Out Loud

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Artist — Track Name

Johann Johannson - Arrival
God Speed! You Black Emperor - Our Side Hast To Win
Lucy Liyui - How To Build An Automaton
Barbara Morgenstern - We're All Gonna Fucking Die
Giant Claw - Mirror Guide, Pt. II (you and me) (feat. NTsKi)
Enya - La Soñadora
Biccy Bigfoot - Dog ate my homework (cat)
Bar Italia - Angels
Haroumi Hosono - Dark Side Of The Star
Miles Davis - Solea
Claire Rousay - Stoned Gesture
Mica Levi - Love

Death Out Loud

Let Death Out Loud take your hand and slow waltz you into the attainable abyss. Gentle whispers and audio peril, yours to seep twice a month.

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