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Crest of a Wave

  • Experimental
  • Folk
  • Ambient
  • IDM
Artist — Track Name

Francis Gri - Part 2
CW Vrateck - Picture in an Empty Frame
David Sylvian - A Bird of Prey Vanishes into a Bright Cloudless Sky
Celer - On or Near the Surface
Green Kingdom - Illuminations (Dub)
Low - Exit Papers
Mad Music - Track 8
Low - Always Up
Carmen Villian - Sometimes I Love You Forever
In Fosa - Wilt
Gimmik - Slowdive
Maschine - Awake
Electric Capablanca - Zugzwang
Danny Paul Grody - Grass Nap
Pullman - Tall Grass
Itasca - Glass
Moulder - 19 Songs
Crooked Fingers - Broken Man

Crest Of A Wave

Join Crest of a Wave each monthly for a relaxing, contemplative journey through 2 hours on a Tuesday afternoon. Often low key and calm there is however the possibility of a dive into more choppier waters or towards a relaxed party vibe back on dry land. With irregular guests.

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