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Coquinário w/ Flaviana

  • Electronica
  • Experimental
  • Ambient
  • Dub

[That refers to the kitchen, which concerns the art of cooking.]
Music for cooking or eating lunch.
An help for digestion

Artist — Track Name

Al Nather - Bil 3asaya
Heith - hashashin (for Asmir)
Camarades Breton - Al-Aṭlas al-Kabīr
Camarades Breton - Part Two Of The Session
El Khat - Al Ard' Amamak
El Rass - Ya rab Prod. Al Nather
ABOsahar - Farah Al Minya
Anna Homler & Alessio Capovilla - Mem
Issam Hajali - Ana Damir El Motakallim
Ivory Playground - Ivory Playground
Kiss me Lisa - If You Love Me (You've got nothing to fear)

Coquinário w/ Flaviana

Music for cooking or eating lunch. And help for digestion.

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