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Coquinário: The Golf Club Edition w/ Palm Wine

  • Fourth World
  • Musique Concrète
  • Spoken Word
  • Dub Techno
Artist — Track Name

Palm Wine – MDM/CALDARA [intro]
Jakob Kirkegaard – Kali
Flora Yin-Wong – Loci I
PRAED Orchestra – The Last Invasion
Luciano Berio – Thema (Omaggio a Joyce)
Matthew Herbert – Pigs in shit
The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band – Exit Planet Lam (Beatrice Dillon's Low Visibility mix)
Dakn داكنْ – line break مدخل
DJ Plead – RT4
Muslimgauze – Ryoji-Ikeda-Re-Mixs 04
3Phaz – Instant Dry Yeast [excerpt]
Rozzma – Gheirek
1127 – Zezinia 2 ft. She7ta Wel3a
Rashad Becker – Matraquage
Muslimgauze – Port Said
Tribe of Colin – Ogun Calling

Coquinário w/ Flaviana

Music for cooking or eating lunch. And help for digestion.

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