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Cooking with Akira

  • Ambient
  • Cosmic
Artist — Track Name

Ulla Straus - House
Land of Light - Human Archaeology
Hideki Matsutake - Instrumental
Yoichiro Yoshicawa - Tassili N'Ajjer
Willson Tanner - Sun Room
Palta - Universal
Ulla Straus - Net
Brian Eno - Ali Click
Land of Light - Between two grains o water
Bill Laswell - Beyond the zero
The Away team - Lost continent
Milord - Onironauta
Artis - Cetacea
Unknown Mobile - Oenology
Knopha - San
Wolf Muller - Oceans of the moon

Cooking with Ak:ra

Cooking with Ak:ra is a project that started off as a series of mixtapes with an eclectic selection of sounds. Encompassing a wide musical spectrum, it was born with the intention of displaying influences, sounds and rhythms often left out from a dance floor orientated set. The musical outcomes offer multiple perspectives of the Ak:ra universe, combining the love for Cosmic Soul, Jazz, House, Wave, Disco and Soulful Dance music with a raw modern Vintage aesthetic.

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