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Blue Enough w/ DJ Voices - K-rAd special

  • Ambient House
  • House

This one's a one hour deep dive into the magical world of K-rAd, a Chicago-based artist with an expansive catalog, unbound by genre but unified in eccentricity. This is the second installment digging into his discography, the first one is here and first aired on NTS last year. This mix will explore the deeper, dreamier and housier side of K-rAd.

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Blue Enough w/ DJ Voices

Voices is a Brooklyn-based DJ, one of the bookers at New York nightclub Nowadays, and formerly 1/3 of the collective Working Women. Blue Enough was a party that took place at local club Jupiter Disco once a month, and now lives solely through the Noods Radio airwaves. As a platform, Blue Enough invites both guests DJs and attendees to bring their complete selves. Voices selects from the heart, favoring energy and drama over genre.

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