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Blue Enough w/ DJ Voices

  • House
  • Techno
  • Acid
Artist — Track Name

Coach Dev - Nowadaze
Nathan Surreal - Emo Effect
Customer Service - Exquisite Corpse
Moreno Ácido + Diogo - Be Quicka or Be Dread
Drumksull - Unarmed Opponent
Vytamin - Intervilles
Tedi - Intensity
Pugilist - Regrowth
Flatpack & Dudeman - On The Tools
Doxa - Permanent Colors
Unkown - Unknown
Kӣr - Akrasia
Ray Bennett - Mthanjiswa
Tony Rainwater - It's Not On Me It's In Me
Donny Rotten - Check Ya Mind
The Courier - All in Dew Time (Sunrise Mix)
Yasuke - !LATE!

Blue Enough w/ DJ Voices

Voices is a Brooklyn-based DJ, one of the bookers at New York nightclub Nowadays, and formerly 1/3 of the collective Working Women. Blue Enough was a party that took place at local club Jupiter Disco once a month, and now lives solely through the Noods Radio airwaves. As a platform, Blue Enough invites both guests DJs and attendees to bring their complete selves. Voices selects from the heart, favoring energy and drama over genre.

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