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Basic Needs w/ Valesuchi: "Sávio & Delia Tribute"

  • Ambient
  • Latin
  • Experimental

The mixed spirits of "Land, Sea and Air" and "The Long Count", by my adored and inspirational friends: Sávio De Queiroz from Brazil and Delia aka Debit from México.

Artist — Track Name

Debit - 1st Day
Sávio de Queiroz - Fase Da Água
Debit - 1st Night
Sávio de Queiroz - Lisuvia
Debit - 5th Night
Sávio de Queiroz - Estrada de Brisa
Debit - 3rd Night
Sávio de Queiroz - Morte Solar
Debit - 2nd Day
Sávio de Queiroz - Canção Enterrada
Debit - 5th Day
Sávio de Queiroz - Respiração Da Mata
Debit - 6th Night
Sávio de Queiroz - Simbiogênese
Debit - 4th Night
Sávio de Queiroz - Por que eu não vim aqui antes

Basic Needs w/ Valesuchi

An hour of music to dive into your inward basic needs and cross the possible bridges between them.

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