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Basic Needs w/ Valesuchi & Postcard

  • Synthwave
  • EBM
  • Techno
  • Electronica

An hour of music for you to write end of the year postcards.

Artist — Track Name

Mbé - Celebração do Xingu ao Congo
Fornazier - Intrepidez Decorrente
Free Range - Frog America
Diana Azzuz - Recursive Gesture
Hare In Flight - In The Daytime
Drames Rurals - L'explosio
MMM - When Does Ghosting End
Naomie Klaus - Network Junkies
Escuadrón del Ritmo - Las Cucarachas
Black Zone Myth Chant - Words Are Only Sounds feat Curandero
Sabla - Sensorario
Ehua - Aquamarine
Eva Geist - Ill Moto del Pendolo
Dark Arts - Lola Dool

Basic Needs w/ Valesuchi

An hour of music to dive into your inward basic needs and cross the possible bridges between them.

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