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Avon Terror Corpse w/ DJ SCHWET

  • Ambient
  • Punk
  • Experimental

DJ Schwet taking over with 2 hours of music for: skulking, delirium, hypnopompia, sundazing, wanderlust, extrasensory episodes etc.

Originally created & aired on Inis:Eto mix series. They said; "a start to finish masterstroke of slow, spiraling avant-erosion. Intermittently haunting, consistently searching, and touched with heart wrenching moments (hold tight 4 Yonkers!). Totally affecting - a soundtrack laced w/ the innocence n experience of a messy world re-emerging."

Artist — Track Name

Ralph Lundsten - Cosmic Love
David Cunningham & Peter Gordon - Out in the Yard
Tzii - Foolish Skin
Gunter Schickert - Töchter Der Meere
Paul Lansky - Idle Chatter
Canela Palacious - Sur
Patricia Escudero - Gnossienne III
Warren Burt - Still For Eva Dawn
Radio Hito - Non Solo Sole
Jericho - Litanie
Die Lemminge - Lorelei
Michael Yonkers - Will It Be
Wormhook - The Shadow
H.N.A.S. - Romon Der Monsterjunge
S.Y.P.H. - Nachbar (Long Version)
Chante Haiti - Ibo Ogoun
Cocanha - Lo Castèl Roge
Patrick Fitzgerald - Breathing's Painful
France Sauvage - JE suis sorti de ma maison
Triple Negative - Fine Cargo Lacquer
Ora - Inastateless
Miguel Prado - Na Man
Anthroprophh - Goblin Combe

Avon Terror Corps

Avon Terror Corps is a 21 strong crew of collaborators, originating from across the world but settling in Avon. Playing everything from feral noise to subtle ambience with a keen focus on collaboration within the group, ATC and the extended family convene once a month to showcase new and old music from across the spectrum.

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