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Approximate Measures w/ TEAK

  • - Balearic - Chug - Slow Jams
Artist — Track Name

Mai QuEst - Ce Que Tu Fumes?
Next Generation - Sexual Revolution
Clout - Sunshine Baby
Paradise 3001 - Some Small and Furry Animals Gathering At A Hacienda
Tassilo Vanhofen - Wild Magic Dance
Joakim - Gibbon Trance (There's Water In My Boots)
Super Daronne - Macarenade (Mother Mix)
CCL - Mambo n 6
Perkunas - Baltic Log Jam
A-Tweed x Oltrefuturo - Cheetah Fire
Way of The West - Feel The Steel
Authokino - Raszmattazz
Hardway Brothers - I'm a Cliche Edit Service 58
Takenoko - Trans Amor Express
Falco - Urban Tropical
Billy Idol - Flesh For Fantasy (Below The Belt Mix)
ZZ Top - Ten Foot Pole
J Dilla - Workin on It
LCD Soundsystem - Yr City's A Sucker
Harry Thumann - Underwater
Samoa Park - Tubular Affair
Kenny Everett, Mike Vikers - Captain Kremme
Reggae On Top All Stars - Japanese Dub

Approximate Measures w/ TEAK

From New Age to New Beat; Teak present sounds from the depths of their basement

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