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Andy Mac

  • Detroit House
  • Field Recordings
  • Noise
  • Slow Jams
  • Techno
Artist — Track Name

Nocturnal Emissions – Heal Now + Crickets at Night. 17.8.20
Mourning (A) BLKstar – Devil Get Behind Me
Lalah Hathaway – Tragic Inevitability
Maria Chavez – Plays (Excerpts- Re-Occurring)
Marcellus Pittman – Tribute To Juan
Rain 17.8.20 – (Re-Occurring)
Raven Chacon – The Totem of the Total Siren
Speaker Music – Emergent Trauma Response
Callisto – Need Ur Love (Stalagmite Mix)
Back To The Rhythm – What Can You Do For Me (Underground Mix)
Full Swing - Spring Is Here
Gemini – Earth
Talena Mix – You Gotta Love Me
Norm Talley – Rollin Thru
Tony Foster – Guest List
Aaron Soul and Terry Brooks - City Life
Gemini – Crossing Mars (Free Remix)
Reggie R – String Weird
Walt J – Nite Gruv
Walt J – Love Is On My Side (Smudge Mix)
Terrance McDonald – Spaced Out
Virgo Four – Boing
Snowy Red - How Fun Are These Explosions
Loopsel – Soft Fabrics

Andy Mac

Andy Mac is a DJ / producer now based in deepest West Cornwall. Having released on labels like Trilogy Tapes + Punch Drunk and established FallingUp as one of Bristol’s essential parties, he now heads up his own Stone King and Deep Street (with Jay L) imprints and the exploratory dub series, Diving Bird, on Idle Hands. He remains a dedicated DJ, vinyl addict and music expeditionary, searching for the sublime in African music, dub, disco, techno, post-punk, adventurous sounds & weirdo rhythms.

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