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Aerial Palettes w/ Roman Ćinske

  • Minimalism
  • Neo Classical
  • Drone
  • Field Recordings
  • Spoken Word

A representation of what the subconscious could sound like, with fragile and tense abstractions of Thought coming to the surface.

Artist — Track Name

Demetrio Cecchitelli - Prologue
Ulla - new poem
Clément Edouard - Wings and Stones
Monolithic Nuance - Cruel Diagonals
Lawrence English & Werner Dafeldecker - Moro Mute
Florian T M Zeisig - I
Anthéne & Andrew Tasselmyer - Progressions Pt.2
Akira Rabelais, Ben Frost - Which alters when it alteration finds
Christina Vanztou - Empty Courtyard
Willamette - Buried Presidents
Clarice Jenson - One Bee
Akira Rabelais, Mélanie Skriabine - if error and upon me proved
Jasmine Guffond & Erik K Skodvin - Spirifer w/ Merja Kokkonen

Aerial Palettes

Aerial Palettes is a monthly excursion to the fields of contemporary classical, sound design and ambient soundscapes, built around particular constructs and music ideologies. Curated by Roman Ćinske, he is joined by a rotating array of composers, musicians and experimental producers who provide an enchanting, yet challenging backdrop to sink into the immersive.

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