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A Better Break w/ The Pool

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Artist — Track Name

DJ F16 Falcon - Family Grocery Haul
Phantom Band - Linear Johnson& The Protons
Liquid Canoe - Down To The Feelgate of Surrender
Deep Nalstron - Flying Ruins
Basso - Edit
Compass Point All Stars - Demolition Man
Mike Slaughter - In Time
Unit Nine - Earth Watcher
Siouxsie and The Banshees - Red Light
Hot Bip - Dance 3
Mammane Sani Et Son Orgue - Bodo (81)
Peter Moesser's Music - And So On
Logic System - Clash
Autumn - Not Afraid To Die
Legowelt - Into The Storm
DMX Krew - Space Cucumbers
Hypnos - Take It Easy
???? - ????
Nels Jensted - Ships
B-B-Boogaloo - Twistin Times
Jim Arrow & The Anachrones - Sunday Papers
Cassell Webb - Every Time I Get Around You
Modern Art - Monochrome Dance
Testcard F - Unfamiliar Room
Tokow Boys - Elle Hotesse
CKC - 20H25
S. Haters - Canal
Flowers - After Dark
Data - Robot Life
Echo Phase - Continental Shift
Das Ding - Somewhere

A Better Break w/ The Pool

The Pool Agency has been an active node in the DJ bookings matrix for nearly a decade looking after the affairs from luminaries such as DJ Harvey, Greg Wilson, Young Marco and Maurice Fulton. A Better Break exists as a musical manifestation of the Pool’s taste, running the gamut of tempos and textures. Helmed by a rolling cast of grunts from the office including Spice Route, Matty J, Geddie Mob and Rocky Newman. On occasion ABB will endeavour to host some of the roster for special studio mixes as well as local talent and specials from our compadres.

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