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Residents Bin: July '22

A monthly roundup of releases from residents of the station from June 2022.

Words Noods Editorial Published 08.07.22

July's Resident Bin has arrived and bringing all the treats we all deserve at this point. New Livity Sound release from Ido Plumes, Cyborg boy band XRA with a razor sharp new track, incredible ATC V/A full to the brim of brooding experimental tracks and Nicky Soft Touch beats amongst many others, get your ears around all these.

O. G Jigg — Dominion Window

Resident: Plaque Label: Plaque
Digital Cassette

First in the bin we have the ever prolific Memotone under the O. G Jigg moniker with Dominion Window, a 13 track medieval trip down Plaque lane. A special doom ridden album smooth and warm across all bases — this thing is so good, and it's been doing the rounds across radio stations nationwide, as well as a staple on my iPod the past few weeks.

Beautifully musical, industrial flavoured gothic tracks, there's so much to unpack in these - so what are you doing, go and listen to it.

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Ido Plumes — Balancing E​.​P.

Resident: Hurry Slowly w/ Ido Plumes Label: Livity Sound
Digital Vinyl

Bristol based Ido Plumes returns to the local behemoth label Livity Sounds with 4 track 12". Exploring unusual musical paths, the EP morphs across various UK sounds while keeping it's foot firmly in the now with surgical production technique and clear sonic aesthetic.

Those who are fans of the label and or the artist already will know what to expect, but those unfamiliar, have a look, you'll like what you find.

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fka boursin — comatose

Resident: Sam Hall presents The Abominable Slowman Label: Few And Far Between

Few & Far Between return with a little 3 track number from fka boursin. Three variations on the track Coma here, all drawn out into their progressive conclusions.

Sultry and insular these are all fit to set you into a deep calm. Undulating pads lay groundwork for subtle rhythms to take the lead, driving the whole thing forwards. The bass sits tight underneath interspersed by dubbed out vocal snippets, making space for the track to breathe and each part to take focus throughout. Great stuff.

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Yraki — Argento EP

Resident: inklingroom Label: inklingroom
Digital Vinyl

Truly future informed production in this EP out on London's inklingroom. YRAKI creates a world of their own, making space for their nostalgic yet forward looking sound palette to exist comfortably.

If you're a fan of Techno, Grime or any bass informed music, give this a try, it may work for you or push you in a direction you didn't realise you needed. Also out in edition of 100 12" so go get it if its your thing.

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Nicky Soft Touch — broadstairs around 4pm

Resident: Milk, No Sugar w/ Nicky Soft Touch Label: Self Released

Nicky back with his flavour of beat-making. From huge slowed down boom-bap-esque beats to soulful beatless numbers this thing is great across the board. Nicky has a way which is often seen amongst those most adept at beat-making of bringing out the best in the samples used, leaving room for them to breathe and building around them. He's one of the good ones, keep your eyes on his work.

If you're a fan of Delroy Edwards' Slowed Down Funk albums, Roc Marciano beats or anything in that realm - listen to this one.

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XRA — Invisible

Resident: Get Loose w/ Bruce [ARCHIVED] & Fringe White w/ Lurka Label: VRA

Powerhouse cyborg Bristol boy band duo XRA are back with another self-released thing. What to say about this one, those who know their work individually will know their technical prowess as producers, but together? What a treat.

Bruce's vocals underpinned by razor sharp production, smoothed out pads and clean percussion create something I don't really know how to describe.. experimental pop? I don't know what it is but I'm here for it and can't wait to hear what they come up with next.

Oh and there are four different versions of this thing so you can fit it in anywhere.

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V/A — Trains Of Thought

Label: Human Endeavour

New imprint arm of music publication Ransom Note, curated and ran by Rosie Cain and titled Human Endeavour. First on the label is this V/A featuring tracks from Reda Saiarh and
Anatolian Weapons amongst others who are expected to be featuring on the label later down the line

Each track has it's own flavour, drawing from Trance, EBM, Techno and more all sitting nicely together to create a very nice listening experience indeed. Excited to see where the label goes.

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V/A — Avon Attorlaðe

Resident: Avon Terror Corps Label: Avon Terror Corps

Latest V/A from ATC dedicated to the late Ellen Percival aka DJ Mooncup who passed away suddenly in May. 100% of the profits will be going to Solidarity Apothecary for their work on the borders of Ukraine supplying herbal medicine to thousands of refugees every day.

Lots of familiar faces on this behemoth album, all bringing their own thing for a great cause. The music speaks for itself. Need I say more, go and support this brooding and rich V/A if you're a fan of what ATC are doing in the city right now. They've filled a space entirely their own and the city would be lacking without them.

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Low End Activist — Hostile Utopia

Resident: Sneaker Social Club Label: Sneaker Social Club
Digital Vinyl

Sneaker Social Club bossman Low End Activist back with another album and it's a long one! 15 tracks of pure noise fuelled, UK informed tracks exploring the darker side UK club music. Get your ears around this one, you wont be disappointed.

Vocal contributions from Mez, Emz and Killa P. Grime fans gather round.

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