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Resident Bin: August '22

A monthly roundup of releases from residents of the station from July.

Words Noods Editorial Published 05.08.22

Big selection of stuff in the bin this month, ethereal EBM from Ambient Babestation Meltdown and JBS, double EP from ATC newcomer BIPED with mutant USB's to accompany, Badlands V/A with UK dance flavours across the whole thing, get involved.

Barking — Barking

Resident: Barking Label: brokntoys
Digital Vinyl

Barking's return with an eponymous full length album spanning strange and wonderful drum workouts in House, Electro, Techno and EBM flavours. Tempos across the whole spectrum on this thing, a track for any situation really, although, it's not entirely stuck in the dancefloor — it's a great listening experience all round.

Really great sounds all across the whole album, from the evolving resonant pads in 'Vacuum' to the dusty drum machines in 'Host', highly recommend for anyone fans of The Other Peoples Place as well as industrial flavours.

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Ambient Babestation Meltdown & JBS — Who Goes There EP

Resident: The Rye Wax Show Label: Optimo Music
Digital Cassette

Where to start with this one, ABM's first release and it satisfies across the board. Coupled with JBS, these four tracks range from slowed down razor sharp EBM to blissful ambient littered with Dune references, what a treat.

Feeling totally obliterated listening to this one. Go get the tape and get obliterated.

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V/A — The Midnight Society Vol. 1

Resident: Midnight Manoeuvres Label: Badlands

Midnight Manoeuvres contribution to this Badlands comp taking shape as a clean cut broken beat UK techno type thing. Progressive and beat heavy this track is fit to get people moving in the early hours.

Across the rest of the album we have multiple flavours of UK dance music including Garage, Jungle and Techno, all with a similar sound palette, dark and distorted in all the right places. Go get the digi!

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Raul E — Reversed

Resident: O To O Label: Self Released

Lovely little one tracker from Raul E. Stripped back dance number ever moving and evolving the whole time.

Gets under your skin this one, groovy in all the right places and tight percussion. Can't go wrong really.

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Umo — #slowravers

Resident: Mosaico Label: Openthenext
Digital Vinyl

Seven nostalgic synth wave tracks reimagining the sound of 90's raves, slowing things down and bringing the tracks to their bare essentials.

Tight drum machines, 303's and synth parts, what else do you really need?

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BIPED — Folding Up / Contracting + Cumulative / Expanding 2 x EP

Resident: Avon Terror Corps Label: Avon Terror Corps

Latest addition to the ATC squadron BIPED and wow what a thing this is. Two EP's squeezed into one package, custom artefacts, CD things, mutant USB's, and a full length video to go along with - oh and then of course there's the music.

I mean where to start, something like Caretaker on speed with some harsh noise thrown in for good measure, weird granulated percussion, soft moments, scary moments, spoken word and Bjork-esque vocals. So much to unpack - obviously highly recommend, go and support this incredible talent.

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