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Winston Edwards - Jah Shakin Dub
Winston Edwards - Soul Fire Dub
Tappa Zukie - Pick Up A Dub
King Tubby Rastafari Dub
Lee Perry - City Too Hot
King Tubby - Blessed Dub
Joe Gibbs - Chapter 3
Nicodemus - Crucial Demus
Prince Django - Hot Tip
Upsetter - Word Of Mouth Dub
Augustus Pablo - Way Out Rockers
Tappa Zukie - Tribulation
Upsetter - Rasta Dub
Lee Perry - Roast Fish & Corn Bread
Prince Far I + The Arabs - Homeward Bound
I-Roy - Created By The Father
Upsetter - Dem A No Know Dub
Clint Eastwood + General Saint - Special Request To All Prisoner
Prince Far I - Plant Up
Killing Sound - Water Boxing
Throbbing Gristle - Dead On Arrival
Weightausend - Green Death Drip Dub
???? - Kinlaw & Skyler
Occupy - Beneath
A1 - Krakbot
Mcdonalds Prayer (JP regrind) - asda
REI - Gave Their Gold To Gluttons
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Watery Grave
Negra Brance - Duro
O$VMA$VM - 2 Fo 3
Petit Singh - Kind A
Swans - A Screw (Holy Money)
Skyler - Health

Long Delays W/ Chester Giles

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